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DNA Paternity Test Kit

At Paternity Testing Centers of Canada this is one of the more common tests that is performed. Uncertainty about parentage can have life-long psychological consequences. DNA paternity testing is the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving these parentage questions. Paternity Testing Centers of Canada can perform both Legal (court approved) and Non-legal tests. With advanced DNA technology, paternity testing is accurate, rapid and an affordable means for obtaining conclusive answers with respect to parentage.

During a paternity test, a buccal swab specimen is collected from the child and the alleged father (mother is optional, but not required for conclusive results). The sample that is collected is comprised of cells containing the donors unique DNA. Since a child's genetic profile is inherited from his/her biological parents, examination of the child's DNA when compared to that of the potential father's DNA will conclusively determine its biological parentage.

Results are typically over 99.99% accurate for inclusion and 100% accurate for exclusion of a potential father. A 15 genetic marker analysis is used at Confidential DNA Testing Centres.

Note : All participants will receive a reference number and a copy will be sent to both the legal guardian and the potential relation.

Requirements for a Legal Test
In order for a Legal test, an appointment will need to be set up at one of our Legal Testing Locations. Photo identification is required for ALL parties being tested for verification purposes.

DNA Paternity Test Nurse Instructions (pdf)
DNA Paternity Test - Legal Client Consent Form (pdf)

**Nothing by mouth 30 minutes prior**

This includes eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, etc.
DNA Paternity Test Kit Legal

Test Kit ($599) All provinces excluding B.C. & Ontario
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Test Kit ($665) B.C. & Ontario
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Test Kit - 2 Child ($650)
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Second Location ($100)
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If both parties can not make it to the same testing session or do not want to be tested at the same time, an additional $50 is charged for the second appointment

Additional Patient - $250
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Should you want to have another person tested during the test, an additional $250 per person would apply.