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Where does my DNA go?

We take your Privacy seriously at Paternity Testing Centers of Canada. We are dedicated to getting your swabs to one of our Lab Partners in the safest, and most confidential way.

When you order a Legal Paternity Test we will coordinate a time that you can attend one of our Nursing locations. When you arrive to your appointment, you will need to be prepared with 2 pieces of government I.D, and a photo. The nurse will take your documents, and photo copy them. Once your documents are signed, and the nurse takes the swab samples, she will seal all the packaging, and prepare it for pick up. The documents and swabs are picked up, and we are provided a tracking number for the package. Once the package gets to the lab, the envelope and what's in it are inspected for damage or tampering. In the event that a package has been damaged, or if it appears to have been tampered with in any way. We will call you and we will need to recollect the samples. Assuming all the samples and paperwork are correct, and have not been damaged or tampered with, your Samples will be processed. Processing samples takes 7-10 days. Once the samples have been processed, the Lab director will sign off on the Reports. We are issued the Report, and then we are ready to contact and send the report by mail in a regular, plain envelope to the address that you have provided us. Please always inform us of address changes, or new phone numbers. If Paternity Testing Centers of Canada calls your phone number, this will come up as a blocked call for your privacy. In the case of a legal test, BOTH the mother, or guardian of the child and the potential father, or other Will receive copies of the reports. All additional copies are 25.00.

When ordering a NON legal Paternity Kit, your kit will be sent to you in a regular envelope or express envelope with everything inside that you will need to do the test. Once your kit is sent to the lab, we suggest you send with an express envelope that can be tracked, the lab handles your samples, as they do any other ones. All documents must be with the sample, or the test will not be able to be started. Once your samples are processed we will contact you in 7-10 business days. We will only release the test results and 1 copy to the person who bought the test, and or has the unique reference number that we provide you. All other copies will be 25.00. We will not release results to anyone other than the client.

All of our tests, including the results obtained and all communication are strictly confidential.

Paternity Testing Centers of Canada is working with agencies all across Canada. You can call 1-877-777-4004 from ANYWHERE in Canada to book an appointment in a city nearest you. We are here to lend our guidance through this entire process.