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Siblingship DNA Test

Why do people do siblingship tests?
The test has many different uses. It can provide information both on siblings and parents alike. Siblingship tests can determine if two or more alleged siblings are full- or half-siblings, or even siblings at all. If a parent is missing, or out of the picture, siblingship tests can provide useful information about the missing parent's paternity or maternity.

Siblingship tests also provide useful biological information for legal reasons. They can be used in cases dealing with Social Security benefits, Child support, Will contests, Inheritance claims, Immigration and many other situations.

What type of testing is involved? Typically this test is done by buccal swabbing, and is very non invasive saliva test. The results are highly conclusive, although generally not as definitive as the results for paternity or maternity tests. However, results for a full-siblingship test is often above 90%.
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